Choosing The Perfect Cushion Covers.

Cushion Covers: The Easy Way To Freshen Your Rooms Aesthetic

If there’s one feeling we all get when seeing an array of cushions, its comfort! They look soft and cosy, and instantly make a room much more inviting. They are not only a very welcoming accessory to invest in, but they can also instantly update your room at very little cost by simply adding some cushion covers!

We love to mix colours and textures when adding scatter cushions to a room, whether that be across the bed or on the living room sofa – it’s so easy to do and is an easy way to add a splash of personality to your home.

Start with colour.
we recommend using throw cushions as a way to tie your décor together by pulling in colours used around the room. Or if you have a neutral décor, use your cushions to introduce an accent colour – you could try this years Pantone colour of the year ‘Living Coral’.

Then play with pattern and texture.
Honestly, don’t be shy! You can mix different textures and patterns to create a look that’s as unique as you! We’re going to give you a run down of our top ten picks for cushions!


  1. Velvet.
    Adding cushions in an opulent velvet/chenille fabric will bring a rich, regal feel vibe to your room as well as keeping a cosy, warm ambience.

    Cushions on green background.
  2. Plain/Cotton
    Plain cottons are the ultimate staple cushions; they can be used alongside any other fabrics and are as versatile as they come!
  3. Woven Textures.
    Fabrics that have a woven or wool look, really do add warmth to your décor – think snuggling up by the fire in a thick pile of cosy cushions!Cushions complimenting the tonality of the room.
  4. Metallics
    Metallic cushions bring instant glam to a room and look especially fab in the bedroom – giving you the ultimate boudoir feel!
  5. Florals.
    Floral or leaf print designs are an easy addition into most homes, they look fresh and gentle so blend in well within a mixture of cushions, the natural colours of green really compliment earthen themed rooms.
  6. Designer cushions.
    Designer cushions instantly add a touch of class to a room, especially instantly recognisable designs such as Orla Kiely’s – they also make a great conversation starter!

    Various Orla Kiely Cushions
  7. Stripes.
    Again, just like florals, stripes look fresh and can be quite gentle so they work great in a mix of fabrics.
  8. Checks.
    Checked cushions are very snug, they can really warm a room in colder months creating a cocooning atmosphere – guests on your sofa simply wont want to leave!
  9. Embroidered.
    Embroidered fabrics are delicate and are mainly for show rather than to really snuggle into but they are very beautiful and can bring a touch of romance to your room.Curtains and Cushions complimenting eachother.
  10. Abstract.
    Abstract patterns on cushions work very well, they are contemporary and can easily allow you to play with pattern without being overbearing on the rest of the décor.


We can guarantee top quality cushion covers, however if you do not pair them with suitable inserts they won’t sit well and won’t do you any justice! We love the range of infills that are available from Ikea, they are very cost effective but they also have a range of different cushions infills available so you can pick a firmness that works best for you and you can also find the perfect size!