Choosing The Right Curtain Lining for Your Home

One of the many benefits to choosing made to measure curtains is that you have a choice of linings based on your requirements. Not only will particular linings give functional benefits, but they can also affect the fullness of your curtains and how they hang, often giving them more weight and therefore allowing them to hang better.

Standard Lining


This is a soft, quality lining, available in an ivory colour. Not only will this curtain lining protect your fabric from sunlight damage and dust, but also allows for your curtains to drape beautifully.

Blackout Lining


Blackout lining is a great choice to block out day light and street lights, it is an ideal choice for bedrooms, particularly children’s bedrooms. By eliminating harmful sun-rays they offer a high degree of protection to your curtains and Blackout lining will also help have some benefits of temperature control; whether keeping your room warm during winter or cool during summer by blocking harsh sun rays.

Thermal Lining

Thermal lining provides the maximum amount of insulation, keeping heat in and the cold out, which helps reduce heating bills.

Thermal lining is particularly effective for single glazing or poorly insulated windows, as they prevent heat from escaping through gaps or poor seals. Thermal lining also effects the aesthetics of your curtains, where a thicker layer adds more volume.

Making the Choice

All of our curtains have the above three linings available. Whether you are looking to insulate your rooms and save on energy bills; you want to block out as much light as possible to keep a bedroom dark and comfortable; or you simply want to protect your curtain fabric from sun and dust damage, the choice is entirely up to you!