Home Decor: Get Excited For Our Summer Decorating Tips!

Exciting Ways To Decorate This Summer

The hottest trend right now is incorporating green into your home, not only does it create a fresh new look, it also brings with it an aura of calmness. With it being such a versatile colour, it can be added effortlessly around your home… We’re going to look at 7 different way you can nail this trend!

Dress your windows!

There’s something about the spring/summer outdoors that brings a sense of excitement and growth, whether it be due to the butterfly’s floating about or just the beaming sun, dressing a window to the beautiful outdoors such as a green nature-inspired shade can really make a room feel alive again. We love the vibrancy and tropical feel of the below look! Accessorising with contrasting cushions in shades of vibrant pink, purple and blue really does set off the summery vibe!


Tiles that make a splash!


Adding tiles to your bathroom in a shade of sage green, is an easy way to create a serene escape! Simplicity really is key when revamping your bathroom, we would recommend sticking to an understated white and green theme, creating a clear, relaxed space to unwind.

Bathroom IH How to decorate with green Housetohome



Accent chairs!


Simply transform your kitchen/dining area by adding in a few accent chairs, this pop of colour creates an inviting atmosphere which is perfect for the heart of the home! Again, with this look simplicity is key, so why not add a sleek white roman blind to dress your windows.

ikea keukenkast badkamer geweldig keuken decoratie ikea tips of ikea keukenkast badkamer

Source:  https://www.ikea.com/gb/en/rooms/kitchen/shake-things-up-scandinavian-style-1364436883940/


Cosy throws and small furniture!

You can easily transform your bedroom into a soothing sanctuary by purchasing just a few key pieces. Adding a feature side table in emerald green to your bedroom, adds a classy and sophisticated touch. We love the effortless look below, that see’s this colour cleverly paired with coral pink cushions and a snug throw, adding texture and cosiness to the room.

lovely green bedroom ideas how to decorate with jewel tones pinterest red bedding

Source: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/140104238388014605/



Literally, any room can be uplifted and refreshed by adding a few house plants or faux plants! Not only is this a cost-effective way of introducing this seasons colour, but they are also super easy        to look after, and have natural properties that improve the air quality! You can also have fun mixing and matching plant pots, in different colours and styles, to suit any room!

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Source: https://www.ikea.com/gb/en/ideas/home-visit-five-ways-to-benefit-from-house-plants-1364536415566/


 Statement sofa

Yes, a little daring we know but we reckon it’s a risk worth taking! A plush velvet sofa in a deep shade of green would be the perfect space to cocoon yourself in with a good book, after a stressful      day at work. You can even mix and match a variety of cushions to add your own twist to this statement piece.


Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/209347082664082055



 Scatter cushions

   By mixing and matching a few scatter cushions, you can inject your personality to any room! We love to see prints and plains mixed, to add a stylish yet punchy look. By replacing cushion covers often you can change the look of your room and stay bang on-trend without breaking the bank!


Left to right: Manilla Evergreen, Spectrum Oregano, Paradise Lagoon, Aldo Raspberry, Funchal Summer, Party Stripe Citrus, Verve Bluebell, Dash Fennel, Umber Fern