How to Accessorise your Curtains with Tiebacks.

Curtain Tiebacks

It’s the finishing touches that more often than not will really pull a room together to make the aesthetic or theme just pop, curtains are no exception.

When you’ve scoured every supplier and scrutinised every possible fabric on the market, you may as well take the little extra due diligence necessary to achieve your perfect window dressing rather than something remarkably average.
But exactly how do you effectively accessorize your curtains without breaking the bank?

With Curtain ties!

WOW, Curtains has a plethora of fabrics and an overabundance of colour that will suit any room. So without further adieu, let’s give you a few ideas on what tiebacks you can use to compliment your made to measure curtains:


Look Around The Room.


I think it is safe to say that curtain tiebacks weren’t the first feature you decided on whilst planning how you would like your ideal room to look like. And there’s no shame in it, it would make much more sense to design the aesthetic of the room on a bigger furnishing piece – Such as the Made to Measure Curtains, Sofa or even the Cushions.

So what currently catches your eye when you scan the room? What colours are featured on the furnishings that commend the curtains flair?

If your living room if aflush with fabulous dark leathers whilst white accents placed throughout the room – your window dressings should follow the same theme. Dark curtains, light tiebacks.

Don’t be afraid to show a contrast in colour between the curtains and the curtain ties, it’s contemporary stylish.


Patterned or Plain?

If you’ve opted for an Orla Kiely patterned designed made to measure curtains, firstly congratulations on your taste, secondly depending on how exciting and flamboyant the room is concurrently you may opt to go for a plain solid colour to finish your window treatment.

As mentioned in point one, a large part of your decision should be made after reflecting and taking stock of the current themes and colours that are running throughout the room that you’re looking to freshen up with curtain ties, if you’ve heavily featured earthen colours on the furnishings around the room such as green cushion covers or throws – then a more subtle approach to the curtains and curtain tiebacks may be the desired approach.

If you were to have a plain white curtain, then choosing a patterned design that features colours already represented throughout the room may be the way to go, such as Orla Kiely Oval Flower Sea Grass.


Match the Design

Perhaps the easiest and most straightforward way to assure your tiebacks match your curtains is to match the fabrics! Which makes sense as you liked the curtain design enough to purchase it for your windows, so why not double up on the design or colour that caught your eye?

By matching the design and fabric of the curtain ties you’re assuring there are no discrepancies or eyesores in your window treatment – Perhaps if you don’t consider yourself Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen then this would be the most straightforward way to ensure you end up with a sublime window treatment complete with Curtain tie-backs.