How To Balance Your Zodiac Energy at Home.

Did you know that colours carry different energy? They can enhance confidence, empower strength, calm restless energy and much more! So we have compiled a colour guide associated with your zodiac birthstone… why not sit back, relax, and let us help you select the right colours to balance the energy in your home!

Month: January
Birth Stone: Garnet
Symbolises: Passion, Good Luck, Prosperity, Warmth, Strength, Thoughtfulness
Perfect Fabric Match: Delilah Spice/Linen, Glamour Cranberry
If January is your birth month, you should opt for deep red and brown tones, these are full of warmth during this cold winter month.

Month: February
Birth Stone: Amethyst
Symbolises: Royalty, Mystery, Opulence, Glamour, Sophistication
Perfect Fabric Match: Azzuro Orchid, Spectrum Grape
Now that the nights are getting lighter, Purple is the perfect colour for a pick me up as it will complement the new lighter nights.


Month: March
Birth Stone:  Aquamarine
Symbolises: Tranquillity, Calmness, Water Element
Perfect Fabric Match: Fly Away Duck Egg, Panama Sky
Perfect for spring, these fresh tones of Blue and Duck Egg will give your home a new burst of life, creating a calming ambiance for the year to come.


Month: April
Birth Stone: Diamond
Symbolises: Cleanliness, Purity, Harmony, Peacefulness
Perfect Fabric Match: Nova White, Cotswold White
It’s time to strip things back to basics, essential white’s add harmony to your interiors, allowing your home to become your sanctuary.


Month: May
Birth Stone: Emerald
Symbolises: Earth, Nature, Growth, Comfort
Perfect Fabric Match: Paradise Lagoon, Spectrum Oregano
Summer’s fast approaching and adding shades of green to your home will lift your spirits and bring in an earthiness which is great for your wellbeing.


Month: June
Birth Stone: Pearl
Symbolises: Elegance, Purity, Calmness, Relaxation
Perfect Fabric Match: Umber Ivory, Blean Dove
Soft neutral tones of Silver/Grey and Cream/Natural are most suited to this birth month, with June being the middle month the chaos of the year is truly unfolding… these serene hues will help you relax when you need to shut the world out.


Month: July
Birth Stone: Ruby
Symbolises: Passion, Love, Good Luck, Prosperity, Warmth, Boldness
Perfect Fabric Match: Glamour Rosso, Blazer Stripe Peony
Red’s are the perfect shades to use during July, as the warm tones are complimented perfectly by the sunshine that is so common at this time of year, creating an inviting atmosphere for all those summer gatherings!


Month: August
Birth Stone: Peridot
Symbolises: Earth, Nature, Growth, Comfort, Freshness
Perfect Fabric Match: Manilla Evergreen, Zenith Olive
Lighter shades of green bring with them a breath of fresh air and allow your home to become a nurturing space, which is ideal before the back to school rush!


Month: September
Birth Stone: Sapphire
Symbolises: Cosiness, Character, Statement shade
Perfect Fabric Match: Linoso Orion, Olympus Mineral
September brings with it slightly darker nights, meaning we are able to snuggle up and get cosy a lot easier, adding black and dark blue tones to your interiors creates a rich, warm environment for you to relax in.


Month: October
Birth Stone: Opal
Symbolises: Soothing, Femininity, Romance, Togetherness
Perfect Fabric Match: Raffia Heather, Alaska Shell
Pastel pink hues are perfect for creating elegant spaces and adding a touch of romance and femininity to any interior, at this time of year we can be feeling pretty run down so adding a cosy loving touch works wonders for the mind.


Month: November
Birth Stone: Citrine
Symbolises: Optimism, Joy, Happiness, Warmth, Sunshine, Positivity
Perfect Fabric Match: Glamour Ochre, Marble Velour Spice
Rich shades of Yellow/Gold and Orange are beneficial during this month as they are warming and uplifting, and the beautiful jewel tones will get us right in the mood for the Christmas festivities which are right around the corner!


Month: December
Birth Stone: Topaz
Symbolises: Tranquillity, Calmness, Water Element
Perfect Fabric Match: Ryker Duck Egg, Alessia Teal
Winter blues have finally crept in, however this doesn’t have to be a bad thing! Add the blue’s to your home rather than your mind set, to create a calming serene escape during this hectic time of year!


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