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How To Measure For Curtains

Top Tip: Always use a metal tape for accuracy.

Measuring the Curtain Width for all Heading Types.

Always measure your track or pole, not your windows.
If you do not have a track or pole already installed then we recommend fitting one that extends by 15cm (minimum) each end of your window and 15cm above your window recess.

Tracks - Measure total width from end to end.




Tracks with overlap - Measure each side separately and add both measurements to give your correct width




Pole - Measure width of pole between the finials




Measuring the Curtain Drop:

Firstly decide where you want your curtains to finish, we recommend:
1. Floor level – allow 1cm clearance above carpet or floor surface.
2. Window sill – 1cm above sill
3. Below window sill – allow up to 20cm below the window sill or 1cm above radiator.




Tracks - For ALL heading types: Measure from the top of the track to the required drop.





Poles - For PENCIL PLEAT or PINCH PLEAT headings: Measure from the eye of the ring to the required drop.





For EYELET heading: Measure from the top of the pole to the required drop.
We will automatically add 2.5cm to the drop of the eyelet curtain which will sit above the pole.







How To Measure For Roman Blinds


Top Tip: Always use a metal tape for accuracy.
Decide whether you want your roman blind to hang inside or outside of your window, then simply follow these simple steps:


Inside Recess:

1. Measure the width and height in 3 places, in case the recess is irregular in shape.
2. State the lesser of the dimensions exactly with no deductions, we will make the adjustments to ensure your blind fits perfectly.




Outside Recess:

Decide how much you wish to overlap the recess at each side, top, and bottom. State these dimensions.
To minimise light leakage we recommend the blind overlaps by: