Price Comparison: John Lewis Curtains VS WOW Curtains

Made To Measure Curtains: A Price comparison.

Recently we compared the prices of our ready-made curtains to our competition, as we sell a lot of the same designer curtains and it’s always interesting to see how we stack up regarding the competition. A news website recently featured our business and the products we sell and compared the prices to three other businesses – Featuring John Lewis and other big names in the industry.


The result of the price comparison revealed that the same Orla Kiely Multi Stem Linear Tomato curtains, that was available from John Lewis, was available from ourselves at a much lower price for the exact same specifications, 3-inch pencil pleat with the dimension 117CM X 137CM.


Below you can find some snapshots of the results:


John Lewis:

John Lewis Multi Stem Tomato

Blinds Direct:

Blinds Direct Multi Stem Tomato

Curtains & Blinds 4 Homes:

Curtains & Blinds 4 Home Multi Stem Tomato

WOW Curtains:




We came in cheaper than all the competition, for the same made to measure curtains, which is excellent.


John Lewis: £129.85

Blinds Direct: £170.83

Curtains & Blinds 4 Homes: £90.58

Wow Curtains: £73.12


We came in at £56.73 cheaper than John Lewis’ Curtains, choosing to shop with WOW Curtains could help go a ways in improving the aesthetic of your rooms further, with the money saved you could even get yourself some cushion covers!


Round 2…

But how do we compare with ‘unbranded curtains’ for instance? Are Wow curtains still cheaper? Well, lets find out!

Same rules apply, 167CM X 137CM, same pleat (3’pencil pleat) – We had to take some liberty with the curtain, as although John Lewis sells incredibly similar coloured curtains to them…they are not identical.


Originally, we wanted to compare Rose Gold Curtains, but was surprised to learn that John Lewis doesn’t have any curtains under the product name “Rose Gold Curtains” – So we had to make do with choosing some basic yellow curtains.


The styles we chose respectively were:

Wow Curtains:

Highlander Gold Curtains

John Lewis:


As you can see, both curtains are of a similar yellow/gold hue, but lets see how we compare to John Lewis in terms of price.


John Lewis:

John Lews Gold Curtains

Total: £115


WOW Curtains:

Highlander Gold Curtains



Well, suppose we should be giving our selves a massive pat on the back now?

Our Highlander Gold Curtains are £24.54 cheaper than John Lewis!

If you’re looking for designer made to measure curtains that are vastly cheaper than the competition, then you’re in the right place!