Cosy For Winter: Thermal Velour/Velvet Curtains

Let’s Get Cosy! Warm Thermal Velour Curtains For Crimbo.

There’s no better feeling than drawing the curtains to keep the freezing British weather at bay and to settle down in front of the fire with a nice cup of tea…or a hot toddy if you’re feeling especially ‘Festive.’ In this post, we discuss what are the best types of curtains will keep you warm this winter whilst you patiently wait for good ol’ St. Nick’.



Velour And Velvet Curtains

Velvet and Velour curtains are very similar in texture, the only real difference is that one is knitted (Velour) and that one is woven (Velvet) both fabrics have an incredibly luxurious texture and are soft to the touch.

Velour is already a warm insulating fabric, but this can be further enhanced by adding a thermal lining to your curtains, studies have shown a saving of 12°C between the window recess and the curtains when using thermal-lined curtains – So spending a little extra on the “Optional Extras” when it comes to curtains may end up saving you £100’s on your heating bill. I’d say that’s a more than Fair Trade.


Glamour Cranberry

Glamour Cranberry, complete with an already fabulous festive warm red shade is sure to make you feel like someone turned up the thermostat even if you didn’t opt for the thermal lining! Whatsmore you’ll be hard-pressed to find another set of curtains that your Christmas dinner compliments.

The Glamour Cranberry fabric is soft to the touch and will add a touch of glamour to any room it should feature in, if Cranberry isn’t your colour – Not to worry the Glamour range of curtains has a dozen different colour options to help cater to your tastes…If Cranberry doesn’t suit your palette.


Marble Velour Ivory

Velour Ivory Curtain

Moving away from explicitly festive coloured curtains with the Marble Velour Ivory, these velour curtains just scream cosy and would surely compliment any room that happened to be decorated in neutral tones. The visual effect that these marble velvet curtains feature needs to be seen up close to be truly appreciated, but take it from us, WOW Curtains – These Velvet Curtains have a spectacular opulence about them.


As Always, whatever style of curtain or lining that you choose, all our curtains are made to measure so whether it’s the cranberry, ivory or another selection altogether different, be sure to click the “Thermal Lining” option when you come to order if you’d like to save on heating, but more importantly…Be cosy this Christmas!