5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Made To Measure Curtains

Opting for made to measure curtains can seem like a daunting task for some; with the option of off-the-shelf or ready-made curtains available why should you choose custom curtains? Well, there are many benefits to made to measure curtains which you may not have considered – let’s take a look at the top 5 reasons why you should choose made to measure curtains when looking to freshen up your home

1. Value For Money

As the name suggests, made to measure curtains are crafted specifically to your requirements, and you would expect to pay a premium for that level of attention to detail. It’s true that the curtains are made with precision and care, but the product that you receive in return is unbeatable in quality and accuracy. By choosing made-to-measure, you will have a product that are built to last and entirely to your tastes and requirements.

value for money

2. Personalisation

Depending on the theme and look you want your room or home to follow, you can (more often than not) find a fabric that suits your requirements perfectly. Are you aiming for a traditionalist look, or something that is more modern? Regardless of the style you are hoping for, made to measure curtains give you the freedom of choice when it comes to selecting the fabrics, headings, linings and, of course, sizes.


3. Unique Curtain Headings

Curtain headings make a surprisingly big difference to the overall look of an interior, and there are many choices you can enjoy when ordering made to measure curtains. It’s less common to find variations of pleated headings in ‘off the shelf’ curtains, whilst made to measure give you the freedom to choose from a range of different headings, including eyelets.

curtain headings

4. Functionality

With made to measure, you are free to choose a curtain based on the requirements you are looking for in each room of your home – are you looking for something to block out any unwanted light, or do you want curtains that help keep your room warm during cold months and cool during the summer? Based on the requirement, you can choose the right type of lining, such as blackout, standard or thermal.

Whilst you can often find ready-made curtains with specific linings, you may not always find the right size or fabric style combined with the lining that you need. With custom made curtains, you can match your choice of fabric exactly with the lining you require.


5. Choice of Accessories

What better way to complement the style of your custom curtains than with accessories made with the same fabric? Make your interior pop with a custom made cushion covers in matching fabric, or finish off your curtains perfectly with curtain tiebacks and curtain valances. You’ll often find that soft furnishing are better complemented with made to measure curtains than anything you’ll find off-the-shelf!